Here is some more crucial information on pet food. In the last post on the subject I briefly touched on pet food companies using meat from dead or diseased animals. Since then I have discovered that there are two additional D’s to add to the “dead and diseased.” They are disabled and dying. In fact it has it’s own category, 4-D livestock (dead, diseased, disabled and dying) and it’s is not fit for human consumption. However by-products from these 4-D animals are routinely added to pet food unbeknownst to pet owners that believe they are feeding premium food to their fur babies. By-products are the leftover parts of the animal that are deemed unfit for human consumption. These parts include animal pieces such as necks, feet, bones, intestines and lungs. According to http://www.naturalnews.com/  “Normally, these parts of animals would be nutritious for pets. But because they typically come from factory-farmed animals exposed to tainted feces, heavy metals and other toxins, these additives pose a grave health risk. These same animals are also deliberately fed things like genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) and poultry litter, the latter of which is composed of debris and other waste collected from the floors of chicken cages and broiler houses.” Poultry litter … is recycled and fed to cows, and often contains not only uneaten chicken feed, but also feces, feathers, heavy metals and even bits of dead rodents.  Obviously no one would ever feed these products to their pets if they knew these details. But because the details are disguised in many popular pet food brands, people are unknowingly feeding what amounts to poison to their pets. What happens when you feed these products to your pet over a long perion of time…… I don’t want to answer that.

The link below has tons of vital information on pet food ingredients. It lists ingredients from best to worst, by frequency of use and in alphabetical order. I hope this information helps you.  Until next time.


  <a href = “http://www.naturalnews.com/Report_pet_food_ingredients_0.html”>Pet Food Ingredients Revealed!</a>